July 27, 2005

Once again the Sentinel V Kitty Hawk makes the news.

The Outer Banks Sentinel: "Kitty Hawk refusing to release closed session minutes

Waiting for statute of limitations to run out

Kitty Hawk Town Council has refused the Outer Banks Sentinel's request to release closed session minutes from a meeting held Oct. 27, 2003, shortly after Hurricane Isabel.

Responding in its weekly electronic newsletter to the Sentinel's request, the town wrote that 'Council consensus [is] to release the [records] on or about Oct. 27, 2006, pending further official action by the Council to open the minutes.'

A certified copy of the minutes of the regular board meeting during which the closed session was called shows that the Council didn't state the purpose of the closed session or identify the state statute from which the board was drawing its authority to go into closed session -- both required by the State's Open Meetings laws."


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