August 31, 2005

Destroying FEMA

Once again the Bush administration shows just how it "thinks". Katrina shows just how much we need FEMA and we need to plan for the natural disasters that are much more likely (read "will") happen as well as protecting against foreign and domestic terrorist attacks that may come.
Destroying FEMA: "SEATTLE -- In the days to come, as the nation and the people along the
Gulf Coast work to cope with the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane
Katrina, we will be reminded anew, how important it is to have a
federal agency capable of dealing with natural catastrophes of this
sort. This is an immense human tragedy, one that will work hardship on
millions of people. It is beyond the capabilities of state and local
government to deal with. It requires a national response,

Which makes it all the more difficult to understand why, at this moment, the country's premier agency for dealing with such events -- FEMA -- is being, in effect, systematically downgraded and all but dismantled by the Department of Homeland Security.."


At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes no sense at all, you'd think Katrina would have made more of an impression.


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