January 15, 2006

Voter Referendum February 7, 2006

Recieved this from the Town of Nags Head. with link to sample ballot (unmarked by the way). How will you vote? or even will you vote?

Voter Referendum February 7, 2006: "Voter Referendum February 7, 2006
Friday, January 13, 2006 at 2:55 PM

There will be a special vote on Feb. 7, 2006 on the repeal of a levy for beach nourishment (repeal of the 1% local sales and use tax levy). A vote for is a vote to repeal the tax. A vote against is a vote to retain the tax. A sample ballot is enclosed.

Attached Document or FileSample Ballot for February 7, 2006 Voter Referendum PDF File"


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