February 27, 2006

N&O-Weird but good news

Two stories out or Raleigh this morning. First the N&O reports that coastal Republicans are getting good marks fromm enviromentalists. Rep. Walter Jones is mentioned prominently for his support of the renewal of the Clean Air Act. But this support comes with the typical WJ slant.
"It's a gift from God to have this beautiful coast, and we need to protect it," Jones said.

The second story is not really a story but a column by lead political writer Rob Christianson. He analyses how corruption in NC politics has changed over the years... for the better Yeah, it could get worse. Key comment
Unsigned campaign checks? Old pols tell me stories of wads of cash in brown paper bags. Former state Rep. Michael Decker landing a job as a political reward? There have been thousands of Michael Deckers over the years.

This was politics as it was practiced in North Carolina for generations. Today, the same actions could get you thrown into federal prison.

Of course some of the practices today should get people thrown in to prison but we won't quibble.


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