July 10, 2006

N&O| Minds open to offshore drilling

Interesting article in the N&O suggesting a shift in attitudes about offshore drilling statewide and along the coast. Several locals are quoted inlcuding Mike Kelly
"You have to participate to make sure you do get some money for it," said Mike Kelly, who owns three restaurants on the Outer Banks and sits on the region's Chamber of Commerce board. "They're going to do it anyway."
Nags Head Mayor Renee Cahoon
"I don't think it's worth the cost," said Nags Head Mayor Renee Cahoon. "I don't think localities will get enough out of it. Everybody in the state will be fighting for the money."

The Senate will now consider the bill that has passed the House, its not clear if it will be moved forward in time to be considered in this Congress. If not we go back to square one. Here's hoping this bill dies quietly. It would not be good for the coast or the state. Those here who support it are looking for a money for other projects, including beach nourishment. This is the wrong place look for the money.
Sen. Burr apparently is on board. It will be interesting to see where Sen. Dole comes down on this. She has been an outspoke opponent of offshore drilling. Here's hoping she continues to hold firm.


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