October 9, 2008

Va Pilot 1 - OB Sentinel 0

With the start of the League Championship series today (GO Phillies!), I guess I am thinking about keeping score. Score one for Katherin Kozak at the Va. Pilot who got the story right about the destruction of the Winslow Cottage in Nags Head Historic Cottage Row District. Kate talked to owner Rob Morris and got his side of the story and presented an article that represented his intentions fairly.
Compare that Pilot article to the hatchet piece in the Sentinel on the same subject. The writer made no apparent attempt to contact Morris instead relying on statements by former Manteo Mayor and historic property owner John Wilson. John has a lot of good ideas about the historic district but he doesn't know what Rob Morris is planning. The Sentinel article even misidentified the cottage as one formerly owned by Buddy Davis. In fact Morris bought the Winslow cottage which will be destroyed and the Davis cottage which will be kept. The sentinel left Morris's plans vague saying only that He plans to build a larger multi-bedroom structure in its place.
In fact Rob Morris will build a larger structure but he will do it as a recreation of the existing structure with as much original material as possible.
Lets hope Rob does what he says he will do. I believe him and I respect his desire to do the right thing. I can't respect reporters who misrepresent the news and can't even get the story right.


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


How much did you read about this, less than important matter to most Outer Banks residents, in the Coastland Times? In short, who the hell cares? If Wings wanted to build a seaside store on the property, it would probably be hunky-dory...

At 3:22 PM, Blogger dufus said...

My memory is a little fuzzy, but doesn't Catherine Kozak (not to pick nits, yourhonor, but that's how she spells it)work for an editor named Rob Morris? Yes, no? One in the same? Not that she's not a great reporter anyway, she is.

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, the Virginia Pilot article was very informative and proper news coverage. I commend Mr. Morris (OBX Morris Property Holdings, L.L.C.) on trying to preserve the Winslow cottage while attempting to update with ocean decking. The state records show that the structure is in fair shape and could be moved back to beach road or to new plot of land while still receiving tax incentives. The City of Nags Head might consider relocating to Federal/ State property just Soth of Jockey's Ridge base - just across the highway from the cottages current location. Christian Austell


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