September 5, 2005

An appeal: Katrina could have been our disaster- OB Sentinel

An appeal: Katrina could have been our disaster- "In September 2003, Hurricane Isabel tore the heart out of the Outer Banks when houses fell into the ocean, an inlet separated Hatteras Village from the rest of the county and businesses were shut down for repairs.

National media reports of the severe damage brought in donations of just about every kind imaginable. And the help came from every state in the Union, including those along the Gulf coast.


The Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund account has been set up at East Carolina Bank to accept monetary donations, which will be given to the Salvation Army. Deposits into the account can be made at any East Carolina branch.

No amount is too small, and both individuals and organizations are encouraged to make donations.

Please remember that "there, for the Grace of God, go I"."


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