September 5, 2005

City to Offer Free Trips to Las Vegas for Officers - New York Times

CNN wants to know if the victims of Hurricane Katrina should get the same compensation as the families of the victims of 9/11. Then I read this article. Hurricanes are serious business and the public safety officers who have been caught up in them deserve some time for their families, to deal with their storm related issues but trips to Vegas paid for by the city? This is just a bit over the top. Why not use the money to help rebuild or to reconnect families that have been separated. Give the officers time off for sure but no free trips.
City to Offer Free Trips to Las Vegas for Officers - New York Times: "A day after two police suicides and the abrupt resignations or desertions of up to 200 police officers, defiant city officials on Sunday began offering five-day vacations - and even trips to Las Vegas - to the police, firefighters and city emergency workers and their families.
The idea of paid vacations was raised by both Mayor C. Ray Nagin and
senior police officials who said that their forces were exhausted and
traumatized and that the arrival of the National Guard had made way for
the officers to be relieved."


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