September 16, 2005

Thoughts on Ophelia

Ophelia has been pretty much a non-event north of Oregon Inlet. Everyone did what they were supposed to do on Thurs. Businesses closed, people stayed home and not much happened. We've had Nor'easters that were much worse this year. So far (through Thursday night) the beach has held up well, not too much erosion and no flooding on either the Ocean or Sound side.

Communication from Dare County has been pitiful. They issued 3 news releases yesterday, 4 if you count the 2 issued last night within an hour of each other. The second to announce the school schedule that Board of Education admin couldn't figure out for over 5 hours. No regular updates, no info from any other sources than the participating organizations. Just plain weak.

On the other hand Emergency Management has made all the right calls. Evacuating Hatteras was the right thing to do. They got hit but not to hard apparently. Still nothing we needed tourists to be around/in the way for.

All and all a pretty good exercise for the county. Lets just hope that the bottom line on Hatteras Island is not too bad.


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