January 17, 2006

Califormia Sewage Spill

Driving home this afternoon I heard a report on NPR about a sewer spill on the beaches south of LA. Manhatten beach threatened by about 2 million gallons of raw sewage, dumped in the ocean because a pump stopped. A sewer system supervisor explained that they were lucky because it was a "small" spill and because it had been localized in one area rather than dumping out of numerous manholes.
"Messy Job"
Photo from LA Times

Point: This is what central sewage is and does. The very act of collection poses a threat to the environment. On-site waste treatment as we have on the Outer Banks is a much better model. Big upside for on-site is that failure are all small and very isolate. By small the average system in Nags Head processes less than 1000 gallons a day, probably less then 500.

The end of the Outer Banks as we know it will not come because of beach nourishment, it will come from central sewage Listen to the story and remember the option.


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