January 22, 2006

OB Sentinel Spear to Culpepper seat

Spear to fill out Culpepper's term in House

In what resulted in a nomination determined by so few votes that only single digits separated the totals for the two candidates, Thursday, House District 2 Democrats voted to recommend that retired Washington County Clerk of Superior Court, Tim Spear, complete the remainder of this year filling the seat held by former state Rep. Bill Culpepper.

The result came as a suprise to some in the House 2nd District as Dare County controlled 100 of the 213 votes. Votes were alloted one per 300 people in each of the four counties, which was thought to be to the advantage of Dare County Board of Commissioners chairman and House hopeful, Stan White.

Intersting turn of events. Seems there may have been an "anyone but Dare County" movement at the meeting. This is often the case with NE NC. Dare County has so much and shares so little that there is resentment.

We will see how much Mr. Spear is seen in Dare County. He will need some Dare votes if he is to win in the primary in May. Stan says he will run and I believe him. He is a good fundraiser and still has the NC DOT board position from which to dispense largesse Should be an interesting time. While I have no knowledge of Mr. Spear, I have to think the Republicans are chomping at the bit to run against Stan. He has not always made people happy in his role as Chairman of the Dare County Board of Commissioners.


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