March 23, 2006

The Beat Goes on

A story printed yesterday in the Washington Post shows just how arrogant the Bush administration has become in the face of a lapdog Congress. The article reports on a law suit filed to stop the implemnetation of mammoth budget cutting bill that stripped social welfare programs
"by reducing Medicaid rolls, raising work requirements for welfare, and trimming the student loan program, among other changes."
But the issues raised by the changes are not behind the suit. The fact that the bill never passed Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, is the issue raised in the suit.
Our "education" president can't even wait to follow the Constitution before he cuts student loans. You can't make this stuff up, everyone agrees on the facts of the case and the legal community says the case is a slam dunk but the Bush administration will do what it wants to until it is stopped regardless of public sentiment (Iraq), law (domestic wiretapping) or the Constitution.
What's next? The level of mendacity of the Bush administration is just too long and depressing to detail here but if you want one more example checkout the analysis of the President's claim he never wanted war in Iraq. Increasingly, I am led to believe he will go down as the worst president of all time. It is difficult to recite even a short list of positive accomplishments in the last 5 years.


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