March 9, 2006

Ray Midgett

I want to make sure that readers understand I meant no disrepect to Ray Midgett when I wrote:"No less of an expert than Ray Midgett, head of BeachHuggers, the group that led the movement to repeal the tax, has stated publicly that he does not expect the tax to bring in anywhere near 50% of the expected annual revenue of $13 million.". in the piece on the Southern Shores resolution Ray is dedicated to his cause, no matter how misguided I may think that cause is. I fault his tactics sometimes but not his dedication, sincerity or intelligence. It must also be said that he has been very successful. The following comment has been posted to that story from someone who knows Ray very well apparently and I thought that I would pass it on.
Some Outer Banks residents may not know that BeachHugger founder, Ray Midgett (retired) is a former tax auditor (including sales tax) for the North Carolina Department of Revenue. According to Midgett, he made his assumption that the county would garner less than 50% of the anticipated $12 million yearly revenue, based upon these facts, (1) all rental reservations made prior to Dec. 31, 2005 for the 2006 summer season are not subject to the new sales tax, (2) all building contracts signed and/or quoted prior to Dec. 31, 2005 do not have to pay the new sales tax on building materials, etc. even though construction takes place after Jan.1, 2006, and, (3)the first six months of the year, historically, do not produce 50 of the annual sales tax revenue.
And, this is only the beginning...add in, (a) a declining economy, (b)taxpayer's buying out of the county...yes, many of them are doing just THAT!
PS. I agree with his analysis.


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason Ray Midgett has been so successful (as you say) is because, (1) unlike some of our elected officials, he listens to people, (2) unlike some of our elected officials he isn't "in it" for himself, (3) unlike some of our elected officials, he does his own thinking, (5) unlike some of our elected officials, he stands up for what he believes, (6) unlike some elected officials, he knows a lot about taxation and even more about how to balance a budget, and (6) unlike some of our elected officials, he would make one hell of a fine county commissioner. I say VOTE - RAY MIDGETT - COUNTY COMMISSIONER

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Ray has my Vote too. I agree with the first person's comments.

Us locals may not be experts, but we SEE what the Kitty Hawk Berm looks like, we SAW what the S. NH beach Nourishment looked like, and yes, there are more options then Beach Nourishment (including RETREAT) and none of our leaders seem to want to investigate.

Ray definately has my vote for Cty. Commissioner, he has no hidden agendas, no hidden business interests and would probably spend the taxpayers money on more worthwhile endeavers.

At 5:57 AM, Blogger Bob Muller said...

I'm glad that Ray and his mom both follow the blog (rim shot). I will listen to all the candidates and vote for the person I believe will best serve the community.


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