March 6, 2006

N&O - says Culpepper should GO!

This story just won't go away. The News and Observer called for former Rep. Bill Culpepper to resign in an editorial. published today.
" When a governor appoints you to something and then says he's revisiting that appointment, that means in plain English: You're making me look bad and you should resign right now. If that's not clear enough for Culpepper, then Easley needs to withdraw the appointment on his own. Not just because it reflects poorly on him, but because it's the right thing to do."

I doubt Cupepper will resign. He is a strong willed man and an excellent politician. I expect he will count on the whole thing blowing over. The problem is that the corruption scandal swirling around Speaker Jim Black, a very close associate of Culpeppers, will not go away. The state Board of Elections and Jim Black himself (first he hadn't filled in checks then he did) seem bent on keeping it around for a while. That makes it very hard for the Govenor to look like his taking a stand and Gov. Easley is all about looking like he is doing something


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