July 12, 2006

OB Sentinel- NH talks sandbags

Not unexpectedly Nags Head is talking about sandbags. Expect the Town to ban sandbags or at least severly limit their use. The choice is clear that either we sandbag the entire beach or we don't allow sandbags. Selected use of sandbags simply transfers erosion to the adjoining properties. Nags Head learned this the hard way along Seagull Dr. particularly.
Pretty good discussion in this OB Sentinel article. Probably the most significant point missing is that the town can't just adopt a ban on sandbags if it is not consistent with the Land and Water Use Plan (LWUP). Therefore the LWUP which currently supports sandbags must be changed before the rules can be changed. The NC General Assembly recently required towns find that any zoning changes they made were consistent with the LWUP. Nags Head actually could change the rules at their next meeting but it would be open to challenge since it would not meet the consistency test.
The fact that NH is undertaking an amendment to the LWUP for this issue rather than simply waiting for the adoption of the next LWUP sometime next year, underscores the importance of this issue to the BOC.


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do your readers a favor and post your letter to the editor on this site so you can clear up a few of the mis-conceptions you have written.
For example, you stated..."A 30 percent increase in Nags Head property taxes would result in the shift of about 9 percent of the occupancy and land transfer tax that the municipalities share. The average growth in these revenues sources over the last 10 years is 10 percent and 23 percent respectively, meaning tht the average increase would exceed the loss and towns should still see increases in these revenues regardless of Nags Head's actions.."

If this isn't voodoo economics, I certainly don't know what is, Bob.
Kinda makes one wonder why we ever need taxes increases, doesn't it?

Try selling that argument to the other town councils. It is hard for me to understand how you spend 20 years on the Nags Head town government and over 9 years on the beach nourishment committee and you still "don't get the people's message."

People aren't stupid, Bob.

At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got any opinions on sandbags, Ray? Or just the same old rant? Rudeness and hyperbole don't show well on either side of this argument.

At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiss ole rusty, you red-faced son of a bitch.


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