January 1, 2007

What will happen in 2007

Looking ahead to the New Year I foresee several trends and events. The certainty of each item varies from high expectation to hopeful prayer.

  • I will retire from the Post Office on Nov. 2 after 30 years of employment
  • This one is pretty certain. I have even started planning a retirement party. We are not sure what will happen after I leave the post office but I will not be licking stamps for a living in 2008
  • I will take a lot more photographs (maybe even some good ones)
  • see Images from the Ridge
  • I will get my weight below 220 and start reshaping my body building muscle tone in lieu of excess padding
  • This is a big goal. I made a lot of progress in 06 but it will take commitment and hard work to maintain my gains.
  • I will continue my walking and bike riding exercise program
  • See above
  • I will resume writing View from the Ridge on a more frequent basis
  • I have been thinking about returning to this project and I suspect that I am ready. There is so much out there thats interesting and relevant. I just need to find a couple more hours in the day to write. Oh well retirement is coming!
  • I will drive my new Toyota on the beach. (Haven't done this yet but its coming)
  • Please note I did not specify whether or not I would get stuck.
  • Nags Head will stop debating beach nourishment
  • With any luck this will occur on or about April 17th. The Nags Head community will choose a course for the future and we can all start to build our future rather than just talk about it. No predictions on the outcome but i look forward to being involved in the discussions.
  • Our bush league president will find a new path in Iraq that reduces the human toll of this tragic misadventure.
  • Pray for this one daily. The human toll of the war on both Iraqis and Americans is staggering. I cannot imagine what life in Baghdad is like. Terror and death are everywhere. We, as a country, are responsible and we have an obligation to restore some semblance of order in Iraq, whether or not the solution advances our interests in the region.
  • I will not run for elected office.
  • A prediction not a promise. I know there are people thinking that I will run for the Nags Head Board of Commissioners in Nov. Right now I have no desire to run nor do I think it would be good for the town or for me.
  • Condos will become the new hot development trend
  • Actually they already have, we just haven't really noticed yet. (More on the coming condo calamity in a separate post)
  • We will go to Ocracoke on vacation again
  • There is little I would rather do in 2007

I hope the New Year brings you joy, peace and everything in your prayers



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