December 13, 2006

Poulos Christmas LIghts 2006

From A few daytime photos from the Poulos display

I have noticed a lot of search activity around the Poulos family's remarkable Christmas display. The display won the Today Show's Christmas decoration contest last year as best in the country and this year it continues in the same tradition. I have included a link to several pictures taken during the day last week at the house. However this does not do it justice. You need to see it at night for the full effect. I may try to get by later this week and get some night shots to post.

If you want to find the house:
Heading South on Rt. 158 into Kill Devil Hills
1. Proceed to light at Ocean Acres Dr.
2. Turn right at Ocean Acres Dr. (opposite MacDonalds)
3. Follow Ocean Acres Dr. The road will shift from paved to gravel as you go up a hill. Just over the top of the hill you will find the Poulos home.

On busy nights it may be best to park on Ocean Acres Dr. on walk up to the house since it gets very busy and there is no parking.

You can find a basic Yahoo map centered on the home here

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At 4:09 PM, Blogger 1obxpirate said...

Just a short "Thank You " for your photos and visit. We have had a tremedous amount of traffic this past season and are so pleased that so many people have recieved such a blessing in viewing our Christmas Display. May God bless each and every one of you. The smiles I see are such a blessing in itself. Come back and see us and keep smiling throughout the year. Love, The Poulos family


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