April 18, 2007

Post election spins

Local Real Estate blogger Greg Cremia on the Nags Head referendum.
Here are some questions for Greg.
Read the post then ask yourself these questions.
Can you tell us who "threatened" to cut off beach driving. Is it possible that the comment was that as the beach narrowed due to erosion beach driving would have to be curtailed? As I am sure you are aware this is already the case in some segments of Nags Head and at times has been the situation for the entire beach, for limited times.

Also, you need to clarify your comment about increasing lot size. Under current regulations no increase in buildable area would be created by a beach nourishment project. Lot size might be increased but only in the nourished area.

You might even want to reconsider your comment about half the owners not wanting beach nourishment. You would be correct to say half the voters who live on the oceanfront didn't vote for the referendum but more than half the owners were not allowed to vote in the referendum under the North Carolina Constitution since they were not registered voters. You can't vote unless you are a Nags Head resident. There are a lot of good reasons for this but lets leave them to another post.
Note to everybody: Expect to hear more about this issue, the role and representation of non-resident property owners, in the future of Nags Head politics.

Distortions don't smell very nice either.


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