January 3, 2007

Briny Breezes Sell or Stay

Interesting article in the VA Pilot . It seems there is a small trailer park town in Florida that may be sold. The community will vote on wether or not to sell the entire park/town, with the proceeds split amongst the resident/owners. Some stand to get pretty good windfalls in the low 7 figure range.

The community is split over whether to sell or stay. For some it is a no brainer, take the money

"See these pockets? They're empty," Dwyer said, a stack of unpaid billssitting on a table in his single-wide trailer less than 100 yards fromthe ocean. "I've nickeled and dimed my whole life. I hit the lottery."

For others the issue is not as clear. The quality of life in this time community is very good or as one resident says "You can walk your dog in your pajamas," Try that in Manhatten. I guess I was reminded of the debate over the replacement of older hotels in Nags Head. Is economics the only determining factor or can a community chose not to give in to development interests.

Maybe we can find out how the vote turns out. Sadly my money is on the money.

Note, I saw this article in the Va. Pilot but I am using a link to the same AP story in a Maine paper because the pilot is hard to blog from

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