May 4, 2007

Art on the OBX (but not the web)

In today's edition of the Coast, John Harper notes that the 10th Annual Mollie Fearing Art Show kicks off on Sunday with a reception at Festival Park from 4:00-6:00 pm. This show is one of the premier venues for local talent and there is plenty of it. The show will run from Monday May 7th through the 29th. If past shows are any indication this will be a treat worth taking time to see.
Also in the Coast (pick one up anywhere since I can't easily link to their web version), mention of the Seaside Gallery in Nags Head's exhibition of miniature art. I have not seen this show before but after looking at the pictures I plan to stop by and check it out.
Local art is a lot like the beach. We all know that its there but we stay so busy that we just don't take advantage of it the way we should. I have resolved to do better on both fronts this year. We will see how it works out.
(Rant warning) OK so there's a lot of really good local art and this exhibit is pretty special. Think you could find it on the web? Not really. There is no link in this post for the Mollie Fearing show because the sponsor, the Dare County Arts Council, doesn't even acknowledge its existance on their web site. They have a page about the 2005 show but nothing more recent. The web site for Festival park does have a calendar entry for the show --on a page with the titled 2003 Art Galley Schedule. Just a little distracting. The arts in Dare County (and the art in this show) deserve a lot better presentation. (end of rant)

The OBX is filled with wonderful galleries, two of my favorites are the KDH Cooperative Gallery Julie Moye and her posse have created a laid back place to see and buy the work of some exceptional local artists. There is also a special place in my heart for Glen Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery. 30 years ago Glen did a quick sketch and gave it to Mom on her first visit to her son's new home. It helped her understand the special people and place that I had decided to call home. Glen's gallery continues to host wonderful exhibits, featuring enormously talented artists and Glen's own unique vision of our world.


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