June 28, 2008

What didn't happen and #400

Photo by Bob Muller
* What didn't happen
Sometimes what doesn't happen is just as important as what does. Yesterday was a big day for the unopposed candidates for Dare County Commissioner, it was the last day an independent candidate could file a nominating petition to be included on the Nov. ballot. Nothing happened, no one filed. There was speculation this spring that Ray Midgett, the founder of Beachhuggers and architect of the repeal of the beach nourishment sales tax, might decide to run as an unaffiliated candidate. Midgett lost a primary election battle 2 years ago for the Democratic nomination for an at large seat on the Dare County Board. Many observers felt he would have had a better chance running as an independent or even a Republican.
Midgett, a long time registered Democrat, changed his registration to independent just prior to the Feb. 08 opening of filing for the Nov. election. Had Midgett joined the Republican Party he could not have filed to run since he changed parties less than 90 days prior to the opening of the filing period. As an unaffiliated candidate Midgett might have drawn substantial Republican support for the fiscally conservative policies he frequently advocates in letters to the editor and appearances before the Dare BOC. He might also have drawn Democrats who oppose beach nourishment
While I don't expect I would have supported Ray, his candidacy would have provided an opportunity to debate some of the serious issues that face Dare County. Not just the impact of erosion on the oceanfront, but how county funds are best spent and how much tax burden is too much. It is unfortunate that no one has chosen to enter the election and debate these issues. I can spin the lack of opposition as a generally satisfied electorate but the truth is probably closer to an uninspired one.
  • # 400
This is the 400th post on View from the Ridge. It kicked off not quite 3 years ago with some images of a water spout over Jockeys Ridge. One of those images remains my blogger profile photo. A lot has happened since that first day. I have learned alot, met many great people and had some bad times as well. For a while I wasn't sure I would continue, but your support and kind words brought me back to the blog.

My tracking software indicates that there are between 40 and 50 people who read this blog regularly maybe few more. Thank you for taking time to stop by and peruse my ramblings. It makes the effort worthwhile.

By the way Happy Gay Pride Day.

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At 4:57 PM, Blogger Ronnie Roach said...


Congrats on hitting 400 posts. You probably don't want to add up the time involved putting that much information out there. Not to mention dealing with some annoying commenters. That will probably continue for your next 400.

As for Ray not filing - he would have brought some fireworks to the election but much of Dare County no longer seems to like fireworks.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger Uncle Jack said...

Keep writing Bob. The blogosphere would be seriously diminished by your absence. I say this even though I rarely agree with you about anything local. Best wishes. U.J.

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Colleen said...

I truly enjoy reading your posts! Keep up the great work! Colleen @ Home Tour


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