June 5, 2008

Welcome back Owen

Ronnie Roach point us to a new or renewed OBX Blog. Welcome Owne Hassell to the blogosphere at OBX Sports Scene:
Owen covers the local sports scene especially the Daredevils, our local semipro baseball team.
Owen does a webcast play by play for the Daredevils. You can find more information at the league website. Here is what Owen has planned for the webcasts:
"After our first two home games I'm looking to do even more to improve your listening experience. Between innings I spotlight a certain artist or genre in music mixed in with commercials from our sponsors. Another part is our e-mail interaction, where listeners can e-mail me — at owenhassell@yahoo.com — during the game, and I'll read them on the air."Sounds like great fun. Keep an eye on the blog and lets see where life leads for Owen.


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