July 4, 2008

Nathan;s Hot Dog Eating Contest: LIve blogging

Photo by Dietrich
Added after the fact

Time to do some live blogging.
Great shots from ESPN. of the Nathans hot dog eating competition

Kobayashi is holding in second early on. With Chestnut at leading with 15 after 3 minutses.

The scene is amazing.

The ESPN Commentators are really covering this well. Example:"Is he a Bret Favre or will be be the next Ryan Leaf"
About half way through Chestnut is up by 3 dogs. Koby is hanging back

Halfway. Kobyashhi is starting to close. Chestnut has a 2 dog lead but "both of them have a dog in the fight"
The "Black Widow" is keeping a good pace but still can't match the men.

Now the annoucers are suggesting the Kobayashi may have been using performance enhancing drugs to cure his ailing jaw. TIme will tell
With 3 mintues left just one dog between Chestnut and Kobayashi.

Kobayashi has moved into the lead inside two minutes. Will Lance Armstrong date Jennifer Anniston? Will Koby hang on? ONLY Time will tell..
One minute left Kobayashi by one.+

Ten, nine eight (you get the point). One. Its over and the unofficial results show 59 dogs for both men. This is still unofficial. there may be an eat off.
Each of these guys have enough dogs to reach from the baseline to NBA 3 point line.,

It is a TIE. We go to a 5 dog eat off. Just Amazing. Like Tiger and Rocco.
Don't miss the eat off.

Eat off is on. Chestnut leadin but don't count Koby out.
And its over. Joey Chestnut has retained his crown and beaten the six time champ. Too much.
More when I relax and get the rest of the story.

Interviewing the loser but he has no answers for the juggernu(a)t the is Joey CHestnut. He is a great champion and a true American hero on this July 4th.
Asking him why do you do this (much as you are asking me) I know he speaks for all of us when he says "Because I LOVE IT!!"


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