December 9, 2008

Va Pilot Access story

Interesting story in the Va. Pilot on Sat. about an access issue in Va. Beach. A group of property owners are in a dispute with the city about whether to grant easements to allow a dredge pipeline across their property as part of a dredge spoil disposal project that will put sand from Lynhaven inlet on beaches between First Landing State Park and the Lesner Bridge. Since the dispute is not being resolved the City of Va. Beach is going to court to condemn the property using the right of emimnent domain, the city's power to force property owners to give up right to their land. Here is the pull quote from one of the owners:

"I don't want to stop the project," Paulson said.

But he and the owners of seven properties have argued that, according to their deeds, which date back to Reconstruction, they own the beach.

Virginia sold the land along the Chesapeake Bay in 1868 to settle the mounting debts of the Civil War.

"We've paid a lot of money for the land," said Paulson, who has offered the city a construction easement for the pipe but doesn't want strangers frolicking there. "I'd like a right to use everybody else's backyard."

f you ask me these guys should take Va. Beach's money and buy a place in Southern Shoresl It would save everyone some hassle.

New news. Big beach nourishment meeting in Nags Head on Thurs. night. No idea what it is about but I plan to go and find out. Maybe a good beach nourishment effort would revive the local blogosphere. Things are pretty dismal this one included.



At 5:39 PM, Blogger Ronnie Roach said...

BN is the bran in the OBX bloggers diet. It has a way of getting the creative juices flowing.


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