December 14, 2008

Va. Pilot on Nags Head Nourishment meeting

Good account of the Nags Head beach nourishment meeting in the Va. Pilot. I posted my review on Thurs. Catherine Kozak focuses on consultant Peter Ravella's litany of other areas that face natural forces but don't get blamed for it. The article reports that Ravella was paid $2,000 by Dare County's nourishment fund for the appearance. He estimates the cost of his services at $60,000 - $80,000 were he hired to work on a project with the Town.
The article includes emailed comment from a well known beach nourishment opponent.
...a founder of BeachHuggers of the Outer Banks, an anti-nourishment group, said in an e-mail that opponents need to be convinced of two points: that beach nourishment on the Outer Banks' high-energy beaches will stay in place for an acceptable amount of time, and that it is cost-effective. "Until they are able to do that magic trick," ... "it will be business as usual on the Outer Banks."

Some other notes:
  • The County's Nourishment Fund should be looking pretty strong. Adding last years tax collections ($3,441,445) and interest (estimaited $733,706) to the balance in 2007 ($16,416,214) then deduct expenses (about $150,000) you get a very healthy balance ($20,441,365 estimated by me)



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