January 25, 2006

OB Sentinel Jeanne AcreeLetter

Right on Jeanne
"Acree: Remember education"

Dare County citizens really get charged up over their schools and beach nourishment. A little thought will reflect how much the schools depend on the beach, the moneymaker.

I have paid property taxes in the county beginning in 1966. From that time to the present not one of children has attended county schools, but I did not ask for a reduction in my taxes because of it. Why, because I love Dare County. The children here deserve a good education. They also deserve a community that will be able to offer them a job and a good school system for their children. Neither will be possible without a viable beach.

This year, my county property tax has increased 389 percent on my 1006-square-foot home and ocean front lot that has eroded about 75 feet over the years. At 75 years old, it is unlikely my income can match that increase, but I am willing to pay another one percent more on some of my purchases because in the end it will be for tomorrow's children.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the beach huggers would transfer their hate of the beach to hugs and love for the life of our precious area and its future?

-Jeanne Acree, Nags Head"


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