January 25, 2006

OB Sentinel Ray Midgett Letter

As usual Ray can't quite get it right. For the real story see the posts below about the N&O article on setbacks following beach nourishment.

Printable Version: "Meanwhile, the "special interests" on the Outer Banks are telling the working families, to pay the sand tax first; and not worry, because one day the oceanfront investors will get huge assessments from our county commissioners. And, they will continue to tell you the latter will never benefit from this endeavor."

The idea the ocean front property owners won't benefit from beach nourishment is ridiculous. Of course they benefit. There homes get protected from the ocean. They will also get a substantial bill to pay. The County, by law can't set assessments until the project cost is known. But that doesn't Ray from demanding the County send out bills for a project that may never get done.

There are legitimate concerns about beach nourishment but Ray's hyperbole doesn't help the discussion.


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