February 3, 2006

Phelps returns Ring (FINALLY)

I posted about this story back in early Jan. Briefly, ECU dean of archeology digs in Buxton Woods, finds large Indian site, finds a gold ring at the indian site that probably came from the Lost Colony (not the play the real original settlers) BIG DEAL, really big find. Prof. retires, takes ring with him to Florida, ECU wants ring back Prof. procrastinates, as Professors do.
So now we learn that David Phelps has returned the ring to ECU. Lets hope we all get to see it very soon. It is a remarkable link to the very earliest days of tourism on the Outer Banks (sorry but thats easier to spell than colonial exploitation). Actually it would be neat to see the ring and wonder about the contact between the Indians and the settlers. Was it given or taken by force or found some time after the settlement collapsed. If it was given what was the exchange, how much contact was there. What happened to the Lost Colony? Anyway this is a good thing and maybe Dr. Phelps will write us his notes soon so we can learn more.
Here is the story of the Lost Colony from the NPS.


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