February 1, 2006

Report Card

Getting up early is wonderful. You get a chance to just browse. Found a new NC group. Democracy-NC This is a group dedicated to cleaning up politics in NC. Particularly as it relates to money in elections. Campaign financing is the biggest problem in government today. It has a corrupting influence throughout local, state and national government and is undermining citizens confidence in their governments. Few people today think government decisions are made based on the best interests of the governed and the worst part is that they are probably correct.
You can read the Report Card and see what you think. Here is a blurb from the press release:
"“Jim Black is clearly at the vortex of the swirl of the state and federal investigations proceeding on multiple fronts,” said Hall. “But the report card shows there are other positive and negative reasons, unrelated to Black, for considering 2005 the year that could open the door for significant legislation affecting ethics, lobbying, and campaign financing.”"


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