June 2, 2007

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Two posts on local blogs caught my attention as I sipped my coffee this morning. Ronnie Roach in Outer Banks Real Estate: Bonner Bridge Update explained the current status of the bridge project. He even called the project manager John Page of PB Americas:
John explained that the panel did not delay the decision - but that they did not reach a consensus. All 13 representatives from State and Federal must agree on a plan before they can move forward.

The DOT has endorsed the short bridge with a phased approach of dealing with troubled areas in the future. Environmentalists are pushing for the long bridge to bypass the refuge altogether.

The piece even has the most recent cost estimates. To understand why I think this issue is important enough to have a link about in a prominent place on my blog read my thoughts on this subject.
Once you are done with the bridge skip over to the Outer Banks Republic. MONTICELLO has a marvelous piece on how locals live in the summer time. Some I recognize, some I don't (I don't shop at Food Lion, come on down to Seamark sometime). Living here has it's great benefits but it also has it's costs. You can get an idea of the sticker price int this excellent piece.


At 7:52 AM, Blogger barry j. brockway said...

i think those comments are a little exaggerated. i stay down in south nags head for approximately 6 weeks a year. two of those being from july 29 to aug 12. while the lines might be a little be longer at the food lion or seamark in the summer those places are certainly not unshoppable (that does not look like a real word). I also go to the dunes or sam and omie's for breakfast at least three times a week durimg all my weeks down there year round as well as jk's, penguin isle and basnight's, awful arthur's (my sons favorite) at least once a week. i never have a long wait when we go to these restaurants at any time. i have waited longer for a table at basnight's in november than in the summer months (maybe staffing issues). sam and omie's is my watering hole and i never have a problem getting a stool havin a big ol bowl of she crab soup and a beer. i also know the public beach acesses in south nags head that accomodate parking are rarely full when i am down there in august. i am also from ny so i am familiar with crowds.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

I just came from the Food Lion... with a weekend crowd plus an approaching tropical storm.... it was pretty ugly

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Monticello said...


Of course they're exaggerated! If life here was truly that bad, I'd not live here! And, "unshoppable" makes my spell check red-line it, but it conveys the meaning!

Paula: Next time, just bring Sammy inside and put a little "foam" around his mouth; you'd be surprised how many people will clear out of your way!


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