May 27, 2007

Arlington Cemetery - National Geographic Magazine

The VA. Pilot ran a feature on Arlington National Cemetery on the front page this morning. It was from a larger feature originally published in National Geographic Magazine. The well written history of our national cemetery is supplemented by great photos, 3 excellent videos, an interactive map and a page of additional resources.
The poignancy of the topic is beautifully illustrated by the photographs and videos. NG sent 6 world class photographers to Arlington for this assignment. You can read their story and see more photos in this excellent article in American Photography.
Memorial Day is a time for remembrance and reflection. Arlington is a good place to start. You can't help but be moved by the beauty and tragedy of the cemetery. You can help but be reminded of the sacrifice and sadness each grave represents. The Ocracoke band Molasses Creek just issued a new album. On it they begin the anti-war folk song "The Strangest Dream" with an a capella chorus of an old CSN&Y tune. That chorus seems appropriate way to close this piece. With the thought that at Arlington we truly:
Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground


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