July 13, 2007

New accesses in SoNag

Nags Head has finished work on two new beach access facilities in south Nags Head (hereinafter reffered to as SoNag in honor of Uncle Jack Sandburg whom we shall call He who Stays away for the summer or HwSafts for short). The addition of the accesses at June St. and Indigo St. pads Nags Head's comfortable lead over Southern Shores also known as "TTTWlMGttB" . The June St. access is a traditional access but Indigo has a handicapped accessible ramp as you can see in the lower photo. Both of these accesses should open onto beaches that aren't too crowded unless Sammy decides that this is were the best break is. Stop by and check them out.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

We were there checking it out the outer day

At 6:55 AM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

outer? that should read other... thats what happen when you type with wiggly twins on you're lap.

At 10:44 AM, Blogger BOBXNC said...

I got it. I don't have wiggly twins but I do a lot of work on the laptop with a touchpad that hates me. The cursor just jumps around. Besides, I'm a terrible proof reader.
Glad you found the accesses (accessi ?). SoNag is a great place to go to the beach if we're driving. Mostly I just bike across the street. Its so easy.


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