July 1, 2007

Support Responsible Commenting

Karma is an amazing thing. I came across this site while returning a visit to dgthekneelo, a blogger who I expect found me through links on the Queen of the Surf Pirates blog.
It seems Ze'ev Rozov of New Media Sport and Community also saw the reports of bloggers being harassed. His response to to create Support Responsible Commenting. This site promotes responsible dialog and encourages bloggers to stand up to harassment and support others in the same efforts. I have added their attractive logo to my sidebar and I encourage any and all bloggers to blog roll this site and/or add the graphic link. This cause is to immediate, to important and to personal to ignore.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger surf98/dgeorge said...

so pleased to see the 'responsible commenting' logo.
so good to see good karma reaching across the ocean.
very best wishes,
david george (dgthekneelo)


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