July 6, 2007

Hot Dog, an update!

I just got back from Vegas. They made me fly out to explain how I was able to successfully predict the outcome of the Battle on the Beach, the epicurean epic, the only story that counts: "Man Bites Dog". Yeah they wanted to know who tipped me when I penned this prognostication:
I'm betting that Chestnut will be up to the task and that Koby will show but go down to defeat when Chestnut breaks the magic 60 HDB barrier.

Of course its history now. Joey Chestnut downed 66 Hot Dogs and Buns (HDB) while the reigning champ, 6 time winner Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi "only" ate 64. The folks in Vegas got burned bad and they blame me for letting the mustard out of the jar. No way to get the ketchup back in the bottle once you squeeze it out. They told me to stay away from serious sports wagering for while if I wanted to blog with both hands.
For any of you who missed the grand gala you can get a live blog account at gothamist These folks really know their stuff. They even have a video replay cam. This will have to do until I get the full coverage from Gersh Kuntzman who is the foremost competitive eating writer in the nation (no, you could look it up … on Wikipedia!).
'til then remember "Don't burn your buns"


At 10:22 PM, Blogger Ronnie said...

Mr. Bookie,

What are the odds the Mayor of Southern Shores will keep his job?


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