August 7, 2007

Thanks for calling Walt.

I just want to thank my congressman (pause) walter jones (pause) for calling me tonight. I really am impressed that he wanted my opinion even if he didn't seem too engaged when I tried to elaborate on my answers to his questions. In fact he didn't even respond when I asked him questions about his choice of questions. Walt why won't you answer me? I answered you!!

OK, enough rant. I got an automated call from a recorded Walter Jones tonight about 7pm as I expect many of my neighbors did as well. Walter was polling his constituents on our views on Iraq, gun control, marriage and immigration. The questions were slanted and designed to elicit responses in agreement with Rep. Jones (D NC). Walter wants us to move to a training and support role in Iraq. Withdrawal is "surrender". We need laws to protect our rights to own guns.
When I tried to explain why we didn't need to mandate that marriage should only be legal between a man and woman, Wally cut me off with questions about gun control and immigration. Not nice Walter.
Actually,Rep Jones probably has Iraq pretty much right. He has stated publicly that he was deceived by the President in the run up to war. He supports a role in Iraq's security and not a preciptious withdrawal but the rest of it was classic social conservative propaganda guns, gays and illegal aliens. Sorry Walter we are not on the same page here.
Next time you call how about you actually listen to what I want rather than trying to put words in my mouth.

I'll follow up and see if I find the poll results.
PS. Here are the results of the current survey from the congressman's website. If you want your views represented you can take the survey.
I don't know about you but I spend a lot more time thinking and talking with friends about health care than I do about immigration. Micheal Moore gets it why can't Walt!!
What do you think is the most important problem facing the country?

Economy, jobs 10%
War, terrorism 24%
Illegal immigration 42%
Education 11%
Health care 6%
Poverty 3%
Energy 5%


At 9:47 PM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

well gay marriage would be high on my list.

Then education

Then health care

The war is a pretty screwed up mess, so it would be nice if they got that one right for a change.

No immigration... not real high on my list either

At 12:09 AM, Blogger Bill said...

What about national infrastructure? Roadways, bridges, power grids, levy and dam systems, pipelines, etc... After this current heat wave passes, I wonder how many Americans will have been impacted by its effects due to overload of an antiquated infrastructure?

Just think if we reallocated the $1+ trillion projected cost for Iraq to our own need here? Too bad we could not "choose" where our tax dollars go when we pay them each year.

Bob, perhaps a good future post should note "common sense" vs "nonsense" in 21 century politics. I recently heard Al Gore make reference to this concept, and I see it more and more with basically weekly tidbits feeding this idea at alarming regularity. Decision/policy makers just seem to be so completely out of touch with the responsibility for their elected role. Action and policy is just not driven by the citizen interest. Oh well, perhaps next election cycle I will run for some political office?! Though, my day job probably pays better!

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Ronnie said...

Our evil plan worked...

We now have Paula and Bill talking about politics. MMMWWWAAAAHHHHAAHHAAHHAA (representation of my evil laugh - actually stolen from Dr. Evil)

Back to the story - Monday I got a call from someone in District 5 in Iowa with a strong pro-life message. Still cannot figure out why they are calling my house. I suggested that it would not be a good idea to call this number again - I really don't want to divert my attention away from the local nuts but I will strongly consider it if they keep calling.

Bob, you saved me some time on Tuesday. When I heard our Congressman's voice, it was very easy to just hang up the phone. Since Bob has done such a fine job splainin our Congressman (still not over his "Freedom Fries" stunt) that I wanted to help our local readers. Caller ID is S 2007. You actually have to pick up for them to stop calling.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger James said...

I replied to the same survey tonight . very slanted. only had yes or no I wanted to answer "i don't know" to a few of them. oh well he is a republican what do you expect?


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