August 14, 2007

The Thrill Isn't Gone!!

Saw BB King Fri. night in Portsmouth. He is now 81 years young and while he doesn't play as much as he used to during a concert, he can still bring it when he wants too. I have seen the master of the blues guitar any number of times over the years. He always has a great band and puts on great show. It has gotten a bit more informal over the years and the band has gone from identical suits and big band style music stands too Hawaiian print shirts and a free form line up, but the blues and Lucille remain the constants. It guess there was a bit of melancholy since you had to know that this might be the last time we see this legend live.
Thanks for the great show and all the memories BB. You are the King.

You can see more images in a Picasa album or at Images from the Ridge.

Looking for a representative BB King album, let me recommend Live from Cook County Jail. Recorded in 1971 it is the definitive BB King live show featuring some of his strongest guitar work with a strong backing band and an enthusiastic audience. The album features several of his best known songs. You can find it on Amazon or ITunes.



At 8:47 AM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

This is Sammy the Surf Dog....

Hi Nice Mr Mayor Bob,

I is in Washington DC visiting my Grandpa Man.

I is also gonna try to see Mr. President Bush about them bad cheepy cheepy cheepy birds that would make us stop drivin on the beach and want the big bridge to fall down. So I is really busy here.

I was wonderin if maybe one of u nice bloggin people could cover for me on the surfin report? They don't have no surf here in Washington DC, just a river, and I don't want my surfin peoples in the OBX to not know to go surfin if we have some waves.

Thank you

Sammy the Surf Dog


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