November 12, 2007

National Geographic: Ten Endangered U.S. Beach Towns Named

Saw this headline on the Kitty Hawk Free Press
Northern Outer Banks Named as one of Top
Ten Most Endangered Communities in USA
Couldn't resist this in depth analysis
National Geographic News Photo Gallery: Ten Endangered U.S. Beach Towns Named: "Since this 2.5-mile-long (4-kilometer-long) bridge was constructed more than 40 years ago, it's been an engineering headache. The inlet is migrating south, while the bridge stays rooted in place, forcing continuous dredging. Elsewhere on the island, the shoreline has receded, threatening other parts of the highway. Stanley Riggs of the Department of Geological Sciences at East Carolina University likens the fixes to a 'human hurricane' pitting engineers against sand. Residents are now asking for a new bridge, estimated to cost about 300 million U.S. dollars."
Want to read more... You can't. That quote represents the entire piece on the web. The National Geographic actually lists the "town" as Oregon Inlet/Pea Island and the quote follows, no further specifics, nothing about any developed area etc. On the home page for the article at the NG they cite "Pea Island and the Northern Outer Banks" as the threatened area. I guess geographic accuracy doesn't really matter to the National Geographic. The other "threatened" locations appear to be developed but then can you really trust a magazine that calls a bridge and a wildlife refuge a "Town".


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