January 8, 2008

ORV and Outfall followup

Here is some follow up information about two recent posts.
ORV regulations in Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
The NPS apparently is going to make their workbook available as a Word document for easier handling. They also are going to extend the time for comments to Feb. 15th.
I recieved a slimmed down version of the workbook. It has just text of the information and options, no blocks for entering info. It is very helpful for comparing policy options in each section. I have posted it as a Google Doc web page. Thanks MHGM for the file.
You can also download the original Adobe Acrobat version I posted earlier. This has all 80+ pages and is fillable. Use the web page to review the choices then use the Adobe file to send in your comments.
Not sure why but all the interest in this issue has come from the ORV side of the debate. The ORV-rec. fishing groups seem to be using the web well to get organized, informed and involved. Bully for them.

Storm Water
There is another update meeting on the ocean outfall monitoring program at 10 am. on Thurs. 1/10 at the auditorium at Jockeys Ridge State park. Topics include monitoring results from some rain events in Dec. and more discussion of a pilot project planned for Conch St. in Nags Head. The project would process flow from the outfall to clean it up before it enters the ocean.
I have a conflict but will try to follow up with the results.


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