January 4, 2008

Libby Dole on Guns

This comes directly from the NC Democratic Party. I thought I would share it. Consider what this bill would allow as you consider the questions involved in the discussion of ORV regs. in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore that Bill writes about. I plan to comment a bit more on the ORV issue but this piece stands on its own.
Where is Liddy on Carrying Guns in National Parks?

Elizabeth Dole wants to endanger the lives of millions of families who visit America's national parks each year.

Dole recently petitioned the Department of Interior to end a federal ban on openly carrying firearms in most national parks.

But Dole's request is unnecessary, dangerous to visitors and potentially harmful to wildlife, park rangers say. [Time, Dec. 21]

Under the current rule, visitors can drive through a national park with a firearm as long as it's not loaded and readily accessible. This cuts down on poaching and accidental shootings.

This isn't about protecting Second Amendment rights. Why would someone need to carry a loaded gun in a park that doesn't allow hunting?

This is about pandering. A recent poll shows Elizabeth Dole with an approval rating below 50 percent. As long as Liddy Dole engages in bumper sticker politics, she hopes that voters won't notice that she isn't in North Carolina very often.

Dole hopes voters won't notice that she voted against expanding health care insurance to our children or providing benefits to our nation's veterans.

She's hoping voters won't notice that it took her two months to oppose an outlying landing field in Eastern North Carolina after state leaders and the congressional delegation came out against it.

She's hoping voters won't notice that when it comes to the concerns of North Carolinians, she's gun shy.

Think about Cape Point with legal, loaded guns in every truck. The piping plovers have enough to worry about from Sammy without putting Glocks on the beach.
Come on Libby do you really think this is good for North Carolina???
I don't.


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