January 5, 2008

What will happen in 2008

Some thoughts about what might (and might not) happen in 2008:
  • I will continue to walk and lose weight. This has been a great trend in 07 that I plan to continue in the new year, including walking the OBX Haf Marathon.
  • Lots more photographs to take. I learned a lot last year. Time to put it in practice.
  • I will graduate. I plan to complete the requirements for the Duke Non Profit Management Certificate this year. I have learned a lot and look to learn more. I plan to keep taking courses even after I meet the requirements for the certificate.
  • I won't run for elected office. Nuf said, it won't happen, no matter what you may hear.
  • Little will change in County politics. All the incumbents will be reelected (if they run) don't expect much opposition for Richard Johnson or Allen Burrus. Warren Judge will win because he works so hard for the people of Dare County.
  • The bridge won't get built. Lawsuits and bureaucratic wrangling led by organizations that don't have local interests at heart (see Monty), will delay the bridge. Lets hope no one gets hurt but don't count on it.
  • Beach erosion will continue. Our lack of an effective policy to deal with it will continue as well. The next battle ground for erosion will be at the state level. This is an election year so it won't get much work but look to 2009 as the year NC gets serious about addressing this issue.
  • We will drink more wine. I have been trying to learn more about wine. I have been enjoying it and even started to try to keep track of what I enjoyed.
  • Country Deli will continue to make the best sandwichs east of Jockeys Ridge. Sorry just a blatant plug for one of my favorite local businesses.
  • I will thank my friends. Nice piece on OBR about New Years Eve reminded me just how much I value my friends. I spent that night at a local restaurant with about 10 friends that I am in contact with all the time. We talk, go out, cry, help, advice, tease and everything else. Without them my life wouldn't be nearly as rich. I don't thank them enough for the gift they give me. They deserve to hear it everyday. Thanks guys

Time to go for a walk and take some photos. My New Years wish is that your year will be as great as mine is going to be. Happy New Year


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