November 19, 2007

Charlotte Observer N.C. coastal fight builds

Interesting piece from the Charlotte Observer about the battle to build a terminal groin on Figure Eight Island. The residents want legislation passed that would allow the structure and have formed a PAC to pursue their goal. You have to wonder if something like this could happen on the Outer Banks, ocean front property owners joining together to protect their interests.
"Residents, some of whom are prominent and all of whom are wealthy, are pushing for an exception to a long-standing ban on permanent coastal structures such as jetties and sea walls. They want to spend millions to build a submerged wall, jutting into the sea, to keep the north end of the beach from washing away. Environmentalists say the plan would lead to erosion elsewhere and set the wrong precedent."
A similar structure has been discussed as an aid to erosion in South Nags Head. This provides a view of what it might take to get a groin approved. Its not an easy road.


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