February 4, 2008

Digg This

I have added a button on the dateline of posts on this blog. It links to the social bookmarking site DIGG. If you are registered with DIGG, clicking on the button will submit the post to Digg or add your DIGG to anyone who has clicked the link before.
Why? I am experimenting with a variety of Internet sites including YouTube, DIGG, the polling site Poll Daddy and Flickr.com the photo sharing and social networking site. I have also been trying to track how you are finding and reading my content using Google Analytics and the RSS service Feedburner. There are about 30 people who read this site on a regular basis and I have a few posts that have gotten over 100 views. No real pattern to what people see but most of the traffic comes either from a direct link, like a bookmark, or from a referral from the Outer Banks Republic. Ronnie Roach at Outer Banks Real Estate send a fair amount of traffic as well.
Perhaps the most interesting number I have seen related to this blog is that there have been over 200 requests for the NPS survey on beach driving that I posted a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes things are actually worthwhile.
Anyway, check out DIGG, submit any posts you think are worthwhile and by the way.
Thanks for stopping by.


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Ronnie Roach said...


I appreciate the love. I get quite a few hits from your site as well. Not too shabby for a retired politician.

As for Digg - I know Paula had issues with some censorship which I am sure has been frustrating. On the other side - Digg provides an RSS feed to the Wall Street Journal - the only real way to get the feeds online without paying another arm and leg. It is expensive enough just getting the paper version delivered.


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