February 4, 2008

KDH takes Nags Head's street

When I was Mayor of Nags Head we didn't let other towns take our streets but it appears that things have changed. In Sunday's Va. Pilot Catherine Kozak explains that work will soon begin on 3 ocean outfalls. I have detailed the misinformation about the outfall projects spread by the Coastal Federation. Now it seems the Pilot wants to muddy the water even more.
Repair work on two outfalls in Kill Devil Hills and another in Nags Head is slated to begin Monday, part of a collaborative effort to address the aging systems that drain untreated storm water from ditches and roads.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation will first fix the ocean outfall off Curlew Street in Kill Devil Hills, said Sterling Baker, DOT division maintenance engineer.

All this is great except that Curlew street was in Nags Head last time I looked, in fact there are at least two outfalls in Nags Head before you get to the KDH outfalls. The error appears several times in the article and was picked up in the summary in print version. I hope that Mayor Cahoon will get to the bottom of this. We need Curlew, it is a new access and has a great surf break, besides its my favorite place to go to the beach with my freinds from Southern Shores since I can't go to the beach up there.

OK I know what you are saying, "Bobby, get a life" I promise I will, just as soon as we get our street back.

In truth the article does a good job of explaining what will happen as the pipes are fixed. I also expect that Ms. Kozak was reporting what she was told by DOT and certainly an editor in Norfolk wouldn't catch this kind of error. Just thought I would try to get our street back.



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