June 2, 2008

Starnews - Public access, residential peace?

We have been hearing a lot about access. The ORV issue at Cape Hatteras is basically an access issue. I poke Southern Shores frequently about their lack of access. Acess battles rage up and down the coast. How can the public access the beach and how does that impact the neighbors is being debated up and down the coast.
The Wilmington Star News had an insightful editorial about the problems that accompany access entitled Public access, residential peace? The piece talks about the struggle over a public boat ramp and marina in Topsail Beach. It goes on to identify a series of controversial beach access projects on the southern NC Coast. It closes with this paragraph that contains a nugget we all need to remember:
"As other coastal communities wrestle with the omnipresent issue of public access, they should keep in mind, as Topsail's board did in this case, that the beach belongs to everyone - the well-heeled and those who favor flip-flops."


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