May 19, 2008

Bridge by Johnnie Baum


The old bridge isn't quite as strong, as it used to be.
Weakened by the tides and storms, in ways we cannot see.
And the time has come and gone, for this span to go.
But people just cannot agree, sometimes much to their woe.
Many thousands travel over, for just a little while.
And when they hear about it, they'll just nod and smile.
But to some this is a lifeline, and of them you don't hear.
'Cause they don't have the numbers, that politicians fear.
They are the very ones, who need this bridge the most.
Who dwell upon the islands, off Carolina 's coast.
They have known a long time, this bridge has seen it's day.
Has served for many years, a most well traveled way.
But time has come a'calling, and these people know.
The sooner it's made new, the sooner we can grow.
All of the elements are there, we just need to agree.
If it don't happen soon, we might be history.
The only way to travel, by boat or by air.
I guess that those who need it, are the only ones who care.

Johnnie Baum



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