July 12, 2008

Kudos to Southern Shores

The Coastland Times reports that the Town of Southern Shores is starting a series of initiatives designed to raise awareness of global warming and provide simple ways that its constituents can help. The paper reports several programs including the provision of reusable grocery bags, the installation of compact flourscent bulbs in town buildings and perhaps most importantly a flexible scheduling program for its employees allowing some to work 4 days a week reducing their transportation costs and the associated pollution.
None of these programs will make a dent in the global climate problem but they are none the less noteworthy. Local government is by far the largest employer in Dare County. If even half the government employees were able to make a 20% reduction in work related driving the savings would be meaningful, both to the workers and to the envrionment. Likewise putting some low power bulbs in one or two buildings won't produce much but if it encourages a town-wide move then the savings will increase.
It will be interesting to watch the impact of these changes. They schedule change must be balanced against maintaining service levels. Enviromental improvements often require significant initial investment paid back only over long periods. Southern Shores has not shown any desire to fund major capital initiatives (nor has any other local government recently).
Mayor Smith, the Town Council and Manager Reid deserve credit and support for these programs. Lets hope they are successful and are imitated widely. Nags Head are you listening??


At 8:55 PM, Blogger Monticello said...

Reusable grocery bags make a ton of sense. I wrote about that back in Feb. Agree w/the voluntary encouragement, but Harris Teeter & Food Lion should do more to educate folks about them, especially on the coast where plastic bags harm sea turtles, dolphins and porpoise and other fish species.

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Alan said...

2 weeks and nothing to read on View from the Ridge. I am going thru withdrawl! I check every day! Hopefully you are enjoying a nice vacation and all is well.


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