December 15, 2008

N&O Tillett on history and change

The Under the Dome blog in the N&O had a nice piece on the Electoral College convening today in Raleigh. One of Dare County's own featured prominently in the story and it wasn't Marc B. for once.
Virginia Tillett, an elector from Manteo and an African-American, urged the crowd to "remember the voices from your past."Tillett, a 67-year old Dare County commissioner, said she remembered the voices saying "to hang in there...change is coming.""I remember my grandmother who lived to be 89 years old," Tillett said later in an interview. "I heard people like my deceased father-in-law who lived to be 100. I heard voices like my mother who is now 87. I heard all these voices say: 'Didn't I tell you?'
Nice job Virginia.


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