April 24, 2009

NC Off shore drilling study committee

Really good post on NC Blue outlining the setup of the North Carolina Offshore Energy Exploration Study Committee. The post is written by Rep. Pricey Harrison Submitted by Dan Besse. Besse is an attorney and past chair of the Coast Resources Commission.
2 Dare reps in the group Paul Tine of Midgett Insurance (Gov. Perdue's northeast NC campaign rep) and Nancy White of the Coastal Studies Institute (clean water reseacher). It will be interesting to see where it goes. With a coastal Govenor and a liberal House speaker we should be safe..

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At 5:47 PM, Blogger Russ said...

Rep. Pricey says:

"Most of all, more drilling just deepens our addiction to oil, which is good for Big Oil but bad for people here in North Carolina. We know more drilling doesn't mean lower gas prices - because we've already tried. The number of new offshore drilling permits has tripled since 2001- and yet we're also paying triple what we were in 2001. Meanwhile, Big Oil is enjoying record profits.

The recent price gouging experienced during the run-up to and aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Ike has demonstrated the precariousness of locating offshore oil drilling and refineries in harm's way. North Carolina's coast is the most vulnerable on the Atlantic Coast, and if Hurricane Ike is any example, just the threat of a storm will result in higher prices."

Please! He realy believes that having more sources and spreading risks over more geography will result in even higher prices? I see where he noted the number of drilling PERMITS had tripled, as had the price of gas, but he didn't tell us how many of those permits turned into production, nor mention the worldwide growth of energy use, especially in India and China.

And, any grown person who runs around shouting "Big Oil" every other sentence immediately, in my book, sbows his hand. It's a pandering hand, the liberal version of Family Values.

I'm not in favor of offshore drilling in NC, but this guy doesn't make the case.


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