January 4, 2009

What will happen in 2009

Time to get out my crystal ball and see if I can divine what the new year holds for me and for us. Last year’s post didn’t do too badly though I certainly didn’t foresee Derb Carter’s win or Barack Obama’s for that matter.
  • I walk 36.3 My sister’s and I have committed to complete the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in Boston May 16th and 17th.. That means walking a marathon on Saturday and a half marathon on Sun. It also means raising $2,000 to help find a cure for the disease that took my mother. You can follow our progress at the Walking for Liz blog. You can make a contribution at my Avon Page.
  • The CDC gets rolling. This should be a break out year for the Outer Banks Community Development Corp. We will build a new mixed use building in Nags Head and complete and market 8 units on Roanoke Island.
  • Beach Nourishment returns. After a couple of years of dormancy this will be the year you hear about new plans for restoring the area’s beaches. The sand won’t flow for another year or two but the issue will resurface and the debate will begin again. Jetties will be part of it but nourishment will be the big thrust.
  • Election No – Involvement Yes. Once again I will not run for elected office (this is getting to be a theme). I do expect to campaign for some candidates in Nags Head’s balloting. Expect a battle for the Mayor’s seat with at least 3 candidates maybe more but don’t expect much interest in the Commissioner’s race. One incumbent will run and win the other seat will go to a new face.
  • No bridge. I predict that the bailout/stimulus will not build he replacement for the Bonner Bridge. This bridge will be sent back for more study by the feds. This will begin an even stricter approach to coastal development let by the environmental lobby and an emboldened Democratic Congress. Like it or not its coming. At least it will be good fodder for the blogss.
  • Celebrating 20 years. My wife Carole and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this year. This is my most confident prediction. I would be lost without my loving partner and only hope we can squeeze another 20 years jus like the last 20.

Finally I predict this blog will still exist at this time next year. Probably in the same erratic, unedited style. Thanks for your interest and your patience. I hope your new year brings you health, peace and progress in whatever goals you set.


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