January 8, 2009

Who Knew? Mid County Bridge Contract awarded

Here is one that seems to have slipped by me and I suspect a lot of other people. A Spanish firm - part of a major multi-national corp. has been awarded a $700 million dollar contract for the Mid-County bridge linking mainland Currituck County and the barrier island community of Corrolla.

Grupo ACS chosen by the state of North Carolina to develop its first infrastructure concession

ACS will design and execute the project for the construction and operation of an 11 kilometre bridge worth 700 million dollars

This is the fourth concession project won this year by Iridium in the United States and Canada
Madrid, December 18, 2008. The consortium headed by ACS Infrastructure Development, the US affiliate of the concession developer Iridium, and Dragados has been chosen as a partner by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority (NCTA) to prepare and develop the project for the construction and operation of an 11 kilometre bridge in that state located in eastern USA.
The project, worth 700 million dollars, will consist of the construction of a long bridge going over swamplands and will connect the NC 12 state highway with US interstate 158. Besides building the accesses and turnkey facilities for the bridge, Dragados will be in charge of making improvements along four miles of the NC 12 south of the bridge to facilitate emergency evacuations in the event of hurricanes.
ACS is based in Madrid Spain but apparently is building a US presence.
More when it comes to me. Get ready to take down those blue ribbons or whatever color they were.



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